7 Christmas Lighting Design Considerations

During the Christmas season, festivities are never complete without some catchy and twinkly Christmas lights. However, long gone are the days when just hanging Christmas lights was enough to trigger oohs and aahs.

Today, Christmas light designs have grown more elaborate and unique in nature. With the standards raised so high, good Christmas lighting design has grown in importance.

There are several Christmas lighting design considerations that people should keep in mind:

1. Color

Color is an important element of any Christmas lighting design. For example, some themes may look best with the traditional red and green colors of Christmas. Conversely, some themes may look best with colors such as white, gold, blue, and purple just to mention a few.

It is possible to use a single color or use multiple colors in combination.

The most important thing is to ensure that the color theme captures the joy, happiness and positivity of the holidays.

2. Type of Christmas lights

Designing festive lighting decorations also requires you to make a choice between different types of Christmas lights. These include:

  • Mini-string Christmas lights
  • Large-bulb lights
  • Animated and color-changing Christmas lights
  • Net lights
  • Pathway lights
  • Icicle festive lights
  • Battery powered lights

Different types have different effects on the overall design. That said, it is advisable to use LED lighting options as they are more eco-friendly and durable than incandescent lights. However, it is possible to use incandescent Christmas lights as a complementary option.

3. Location

The type of lighting to use might differ by location.

First, location may affect the number of lighting theme options available to a homeowner. For example, a home wanting lights in the back yard, front yard, and driveway will have more available theme options than a home that only has a front-yard.

Second, location may affect the type of Christmas lights used. For example, battery-powered lights would work best in a space that is far from a direct power source. Similarly, net lights are best suited for use on trees/shrubs or buildings while pathway lights are ideal for use on driveways, corridors, and other passage-ways.

For rooflines and patios, we only use large C9 bulbs unless you prefer a portion of your custom design to have smaller C7 or icicle lights as accents.

4. Measure accordingly

To avoid a situation where festive lights are not sufficient enough for a particular space, it is important to measure these areas.

Of course, another reason to plan and measure each job so we can determine the cost of lights and labor.

A smaller single-family home is usually about 200 linear feet of roofline and vertical runs.

Similarly, wrapping a larger tree will cost more than wrapping a smaller tree or a bush.

5. Budget

It is always advisable to spend within your limits, and it is no different when it comes to festive lighting design. The budget influences many other factors including the type of lights procured as well as the complexity of the Christmas lighting theme.

At GreenPro Christmas Lighting–as most Christmas light installation companies do–we purchase, store, and maintain Christmas lights.

Because of this, hiring a Christmas light installation company may be more cost-effective in the long run, and will definitely provide you with easier, higher quality results, too.

Plus, we custom order for each customer’s unique lighting design. We’ve done pink and purple; white, green, and red; blue and white; and even sports team color combinations.

Department stores like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and Lowe’s don’t carry your ideal color scheme of your required quantities, especially not in the big, bright, beautiful, energy-efficient C9 size of LED Christmas lights.

Learn more about the cost of Christmas lighting services.

6. Energy saving features

In a world where the environment is constantly under threat, it is important to contribute towards sustainability and environmental protection. Along this line, anyone designing Christmas lighting decorations ought to consider using LED lights that save on energy.

Not only are these lights energy friendly, but also durable and cost effective in the long run.

Find out how much electricity cost it takes to run Christmas lights in Oklahoma.

7. Safety

Designing Christmas light decorations is a fun activity, but it is not devoid of risks and hazards. For example, it is easy to fall down from a ladder or other high place while hanging festive lights. There is also the risk of electrocution while handling Christmas lights, especially around wetness. Not to mention, there is always the risk of tripping over cords.

The best Christmas lighting design processes prioritize safety above all else.


To avoid the stress of having to design Christmas lighting decorations from start to finish, it is also important to consider hiring a Christmas lighting installation service provider.