Does it Only Cost $5 Per Year to Have Christmas Lights?

Well, yes! According to Simple. Thrifty. Living. (January 28, 2021), running your outdoor LED Christmas lights for 7 hours per day starting on Black Friday through New Years Day (34 days) will only cost you $5.31 in Oklahoma for a standard Christmas lighting design on a 2,700 square foot house.

Bonus, this price also includes a couple inflatables and covering some bushes!

For the more detail-oriented, other sites provide an electricity cost calculator and a formula how to calculate it yourself.

Residential LEDs–especially ENERGY STAR rated products–use at least 75% less energy, and last up to 25 times longer, than incandescent lighting.

We always use photoelectric sensors (also called “photo eyes” or “dusk to dawn plugs”) so your lights only turn on when you’ll be able to enjoy them. This reduces your energy usage and is thoughtful for the power grid and, ultimately, the environment.

Of course, if you have a line of ogling cars by your home every night, you’ll be spending more than $5 on electricity for the Christmas light season, but it’s still really affordable at $40 total. The site’s “Typical Enthusiastic Usage” is defined like this:

If cars line up outside your house to watch your display, you are classified as “enthusiastic.”

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