Brighten the Season with Christmas Lights

Oklahoma clients already know about the wide array of services that GreenPro provides, from landscape design to outdoor lighting. But as fall is now upon us, we offer another service you might not be aware of: our Christmas Lighting services!

Christmas can be a hectic time of year, from Christmas parties to present shopping. Many homeowners want to light up their property for the holidays with Christmas lights, and yet they often don’t have the time or energy for it. What to do? The answer is simple: contact GreenPro!

Our professional Christmas lights installation and decoration services can ease the burden and potential hazard of falling off ladders and roofs. GreenPro will handle the design and install of your Christmas lights professionally and safely, eliminating the risk of homeowners clambering up their houses and straining for those hard-to-reach areas. (It can be especially difficult given those cold and icy Oklahoma winters!)

We offer many options to make sure that lighting up your home for the season with Christmas lights is a memory you’ll enjoy forever.

Additional services include:

  • Installing lights on the side and/or back of your home
  • Wrapping trees, bushes, shrubs, or columns with mini lights
  • Installing path lights along your driveway or garden
  • Hanging wreaths or garland and wrapping with lights

GreenPro also uses only the highest quality, commercial grade technology and materials, giving your home and property a festive look without the hassles and headaches that come from “off the shelf,” store-bought decorations. ​

We start servicing installs beginning in October and running into December. Get the most bang for your buck (and avoid the holiday rush) by scheduling your Christmas lights installation early this year!

Contact GreenPro today. It’s never too early to start celebrating the best season of the year!