Tesla Home Charger Installation

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Tesla Home Charger Installation

The convenience of charging your Tesla overnight at home is unbeaten. All you need is to park in the garage then plug in. Come morning, you’ll wake up with a fully charged vehicle. If you want a home charger and are thinking, “Do you need an electrician to install Tesla wall charger?” The answer is a resounding yes. This will guarantee your charger is properly installed according to Tesla’s specifications to avoid safety risks to your charger and car.

At Ampt Over Electric, we’ve earned a reputation for providing top-of-the-line Tesla home charger installation services. We offer different installation options to fulfil the needs of your Tesla model and make.

Tesla Home Charger Installation FAQs

Clients who wish to install Tesla home chargers for the first time always want to make informed decisions. Below we answer the most common questions:

How Much Does it Cost to Install A Tesla Charger At Home?

The latest Gen 3 wall charger will cost you $500. It’s able to charge a Tesla for 44 miles of range for every hour. The connecter is compatible with the following Tesla models: Y, X, S, and 3. It’s fast charging, up to 4 to 6 times than a regular charger, with customizable power levels. Additionally, it has Wi-Fi connectivity, an option between 8.5 and 18-inch cables, among other impressive features. As such, $500 is only the basic cost of the charger.

Aside from hiring a certified Tesla charger installer, you’ll also need the services of a Tesla home charging electrician. That’s because while a Gen 3 needs a 240-V outlet, most homes have a 120-V outlet. Thus, to install a 240-V outlet, we may have to rewire, upgrade your electrical panel, and even replace your electrical system.

To install a Tesla charger station, you’ll spend about $1,800. However, if extensive work is involved, the cost could go up to $4,000 to $5,000. Also, your electric bill will increase by $25 to $35 every month.

What are the Benefits of a Home Charging Station?

The number one advantage of a home charging station is it’s super convenient, especially if you live or work far away from the closest fueling station. Rather than squeezing charging your Tesla into your schedule, you can comfortably go home at the end of a long day and leave your car charging as you sleep. And although you’ll notice a spike in your utility expenses, the cost will be easily offset by the money saved in gas.

Top-Rated, Certified Tesla Charger Installers

Are you wondering, “Can I install a Tesla charger myself? Well, most probably not. While it might seem easy just by looking at it, the Tesla home charger installation process is actually pretty complicated. One mistake is enough to damage your charger or even your car. That’s why the job is best left to professionals like us. At Ampt Over Electric, we’ll ensure your current electrical system can handle the demands of a Tesla charger. Then, we’ll expertly install a charger that will efficiently and safely connect your vehicle. Call us for service: 403-862-1782.

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